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We represent parties with licensed cannabis businesses seeking investment, joint venture and full/partial divestiture, including cultivators, processors, testing/research labs, retail stores and even late-stage licence applicants with built-out facilities. The deep industry knowledge we’ve gained from 8+ years in the regulated cannabis sector affords us exceptional insights and an unrivalled cannabis industry network which together, support our M&A facilitation activities.


  • We have successfully facilitated a number of cannabis industry mergers and acquisitions up to a value of $38 million.

  • As a boutique firm with deep cannabis sector roots, we take on a manageable number of transaction facilitation files for licensed cannabis businesses. Once we’ve learned about the asset, we work closely with the licence holder to establish a realistic valuation (based on current industry comparables) and an appropriate sales/investment strategy.

  • We work with licence holders to understand the type of buyer or investor best-suited to the opportunity and use a variety of methods to market the opportunity through our broad cannabis sector network to attract a range of potential buyers and/or business partners.

  • We post M&A opportunities on our website which has extensive followership.

  • We strategically filter our extensive list of pre-qualified buyers and investors to identify qualified leads to introduce to sellers. 

  • We act as a key point of contact between the seller and pre-qualified buyers/investors, ensuring the seller’s interests are represented during discussions, negotiations and right up to closing.

  • We can undertake a wide range of licensing advisory services to ensure continuity of licensing during and after any transaction.

Take a moment to fill out the inquiry form, and we will contact you to discuss the process of putting your facility on our sellers list. 

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