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Dominant legal cannabis seed brand with strong sales, poised for global expansion

Cannabis legal seed brand with a significant seed inventory, pheno-hunter live mothers for breeding, and strong B2B sales channels is seeking full divestiture

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Seeking outright divestiture of the brands, IP, SKUs, seed stock, live mothers and going concern business for $2,800,000 o.b.o

Listing Details:

  • Operating from purpose-built seed production rooms in licenced premises in Canada

  • Currently undertaking advanced genetics breeding, including seeds, cloning and tissue culture

  • Extensive seed bank with 3,000,000+ seeds in inventory

  • Includes pheno-hunter live mothers breeding stock in live format

  • Coast to coast distribution in Canada with 40+ SKU’s including medical

  • Have distribution agreements and B2B contracts in place

  • Currently growing revenues and generating $1.2 million in sales YTD

  • Profit margin in the 70%+ range

  • Looking for full divestiture of the brands, IP, SKUs, seeds, mother stock plants and going concern business for $2,800,000 o.b.o


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