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Ready-to-deploy, high quality, Havecon, Dutch-style, 350K sq ft Venlo glass greenhouse for sale

Brand new, Dutch-style Venlo glass greenhouse manufactured by Havecon with 350,000 ft.² or over 8 acres in size for sale (valued at $18 million USD) that can be erected anywhere globally

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Seeking $6 million USD for all the greenhouse and building materials and equipment

Listing Details:

  • Premium grade, Havecon, glass ,Venlo Dutch-style manufactured greenhouse over 8 acres in size (valued at $18 million USD) that can be erected anywhere globally as a legalized indoor greenhouse medical cannabis grow facility

  • The Venlo Greenhouse is the highest-quality, versatile greenhouse style that is designed with state-of-the-art technology

  • The glass Venlo-style greenhouse is able to withstand extreme weather conditions and provide the maximum amount of light transmission

  • Great value for offering, this greenhouse would have a 10x value once erected

  • Additional 78,000 ft.² processing/manufacturing warehouse space included.

  • Additional $750K in value for 100K ft.² of Metal insulated sandwich wall panels, 25’ tall x R-11 for exterior walls, rooms, additional warehouse fabrication, outside security requirements.

  • Additional $650K in value for 120K ft.² of insulated polycarbonate wall panels, 21’ tall provides complete light transmission between grow rooms for even light distribution and product isolation of strains.

  • Additional 75,000 ft.² of insulated metal roofing panels for creating a warehouse within the venlo roofing system. $300K value.  Allows you to Create hallways, and manufacturing areas within your greenhouse structures under the agricultural tax credits.

  • $350k in additional grow lights, dehumidifiers, light/dark-out curtain motors, Allen Bradley automation controls, etc.

  • $500K in engineered building drawings for immediate submittals for your development project.

  • $700K in overseas shipping transportation to/from USA is included.

  • $480K in Sales Tax Savings

  • $300K in import taxes that have already been paid.

  • $50k in Shipping storage containers full of Hardware for this project implementation.

  • Includes full Architect Engineered drawings for immediate installation and submission plans available

  • Includes full automation and energy design packages available

  • Materials are stored in Albion, New York and are ready for shipping and assembly

  • Favored by professional Commercial growers all over the world, this is a great opportunity to save a huge amount of money along with the immediate inventory availability and all of the engineering technologies designed for indoor grow facilities

  • Seeking $6 million USD for all the building materials and equipment


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