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Market Leading brands with 40 SKUs and 35% contribution margin for sale

Successful asset-light portfolio of cannabis brands and unique cannabis products with multiple SKU listings for sale

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Open to best offers

Listing Details:

  • Established Canadian portfolio of unique, asset-light cannabis products and brands, featuring ~40 SKUs across major provinces

  • Sale includes 3 unique brands, each strategically positioned to meet consumer demand and compete effectively in their product categories

  • Distributed across over 600 stores nationwide, including Canada's largest retailers

  • Generating average monthly sales of ~$175k since Q4 2023, with a contribution margin of 35% and continuously scaling

  • Strong marketing and branding initiatives with a focus on campaigns to elevate brand awareness and build social equity

  • Preparing to launch a new, price-leading product into the market under the same brand house

  • Exploring entry into the BC market with unique, market-leading holiday products

  • Reliable supply chain with established relationships with flower providers and brokers

  • Seeking outright divestiture of the brands, product listings and related assets. Open to offers


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