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Outdoor cannabis farm with multi-strain, high-THC, low cost flower & new fresh frozen facility seeks JV

De-risked operations entering 4th year of cultivation. 6-acre cannabis farm with high-yielding supply of multi-strain, high-quality, high-THC, low cost-to-produce outdoor flower in SW Ontario

Listing ID:


Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, CRA Cannabis Licence


Seeking strategic partner, minority or majority shareholder or full divestiture of the wholly-owned building, licence, going concern business, and land lease

Listing Details:

  • Fully operational, multi-functional licenced cannabis site sitting on 70+ workable acres of high-quality farmland in SW Ontario

  • 6 acres of licenced outdoor cultivation with 3,000 kg production capacity (500+ kg/acre) in full production with the ability to expand to 70 workable acres.

  • 5,000 ft.² purpose-designed indoor production facility, 2 x pristine 3,240 ft.² outdoor greenhouses and a ~2,000 ft.² fresh frozen storage facility.

  • 20+ unique and desirable production strains are yielding high quality outdoor flower over 20% THC.

  • Achieving good B2B pricing (flower sales, fresh-frozen sales, pre-roll inputs) through existing supply contracts with excellent margins given the very low COGS.

  • Large library of genetics with a number of unique strains in the production pipeline.

  • Supply agreement in place with several pending supply agreement contracts

  • Site is suitable for additional building expansion to accommodate on-site extraction and a future farm gate store.

  • Far lower capital investment requirements for expansion than indoor facilities

  • ~$400k revenue generated in Q1 2023 and forecasted ~$2.1 million annual revenue in 2023

  • Facility comes with all equipment and inventory on-site

  • Owner and staff are open to staying on for future operations

  • Total invested in property, capital improvements and equipment over $2.8 million

  • Farm land is leased annually for $150,000

  • The acquirer will have access to a high-quality supply of multi-strain, high-THC, low cost-to-produce outdoor flower.

  • Great opportunity to be part of a differentiated and established outdoor cannabis farm that’s fully dialed-in and operated by a multi-generational farming family with planned cultivars in place for 2023


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