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Expansion-ready licensed micro cultivation facility on 32 acres offers low-cost entry into highly desirable Quebec market

Licence(s) Held:

Micro Cultivation


Seeking outright divestiture of wholly-owned property and licence for $900,000

  • A wholly-owned, 1800 ft.² micro cultivation facility in Quebec sitting on 32 acres of land

  • Fully built out with 3 growing rooms

  • 50 sq meters canopy, plan to expand to 200 m2

  • Medical grade interior finishes

  • 400A 600V electrical service

  • Second floor area for extra space

  • This site is ideal as a very low-cost entry point into the Quebec legal cannabis market

  • Site is fully licensed but not currently operational

  • Forecasted annual revenue of $250k per grow room based on 4 grow cycles

  • Very low operating costs

  • The facility can be expanded to add additional canopy space (to the micro limit of 200 m2) or in the existing space for vertical growing.

  • Looking for full divestiture


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