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Quebec licensed processor with 40,000 ft2 EU-GMP compliant facility & disruptive freeze drying tech!

Quebec-based licensed processor with state-of-the-art, pharma-grade post-harvest production facility & disruptive, custom-engineered freeze-drying technology capable of massive COGS reductions & increased margins for high-capacity hemp/cannabis production.

Listing ID:


Licence(s) Held:

Standard Processing, R&D (Sensory), Sale for Medical, & Sales Licences (all product categories)


Seeking an outright divestiture of the wholly-owned facility, proprietary freeze drying technology, turnkey business and licences for CAD$15M

Listing Details:

  • Fully-owned, pharma-grade licensed processing facility in the desirable Quebec market comes complete with disruptive cannabis drying technology offering strategic operating advantages that lower COGS, improve quality and increase margins

  • The engineered freeze drying solution slashes operating costs, maximizes space utilization, minimizes recall risks, and enhances product quality/appeal, regardless of source (indoor/greenhouse/outdoor).

  • The existing value propositions are magnified for the export market and ensures an elevated experience for discerning consumers & patients seeking value, quality and consistency.

  • Competitive advantage and efficiencies baked into this opportunity with a differentiated path to national and global distribution.

  • Technology Specs:

  • Fresh Frozen Drying Technology: Custom-engineered drying technology providing high-quality, high-throughput, and optimized results compared to conventional & flash-freeze drying systems;

  • Enhanced bag appeal for low/mid/high quality flower – maximize bud size, colour, freshness, terpenoid & cannabinoid profiles, consistency and shelf-life;

  • Effectively impedes microbial development limiting the need/costs/time for remediation and lowering the risk & costs associated with potential domestic recalls and international product rejections;

  • 12 custom engineered drying machines capable of processing 150,000 kg/yr drying capacity, with 14 additional units available for customization as required.

  • Real Estate offering:

  • Wholly-owned, fully-turnkey 40,000 sq. ft. Pharma-grade licensed facility on 600,000 sq. ft. industrial-zoned land (expansion ready). Appraised at ~$10 million;

  • Former pharma site built to exceed GMP standards (initial GMP review completed);

  • Conveniently located 90 mins from Ottawa & 60 mins from Montreal;

  • Certified C1D2 extraction room included for closed loop processing capability;

  • All other processing related equipment, including 12 custom designed drying equipment valued over ~$9 million.


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