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GACP-certified, 17,000 ft.², licensed cultivation and processing facility in NB

Unique opportunity to purchase a wholly-owned, pharmaceutical grade, 17,000 ft.² licensed cultivation and processing facility on 4.2 acres of land in NB

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Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Sale for Medical Purposes and Recreational Sales Amendment (Dried Flower/Extracts/Edibles/Topicals)


Seeking outright divestiture of the wholly owned facility and licence for $3.4 million

Listing Details:

  • Wholly-owned, purpose designed, two-storey,, 17,000 ft.² pharmaceutical/food-grade licensed cultivation and processing facility sitting on 4.2 acres of land located in NB

  • Main floor was repurposed and is comprised of 3 grow rooms with ~4,000 ft.² of canopy space, packaging room, extraction room, large secure storage area, mechanical and dilution rooms

  • Several rooms were transformed into gummy and chocolate rooms totaling 1,600 ft.²

  • Second floor is comprised of drying room, processing room, lab area and offices

  • Packaging room (expansion) can be freeze or cooled, gummy room (expansion) has a 10’x12’ dehumidification walk-in room and has a 10’x12’ walk-in cooler, and chocolate room (expansion) has a 10’x12’ walk-in cooler

  • Facility is capable of producing 1000-1500 kg of dried flower annually

  • Historically, the facility produced more than 1.6 million units of chocolate bars, chocolate covered bites and soft chews. At full capacity, it has the ability to double this capacity.

  • The site is currently non-operational but the licences are in good standing

  • Electricity capacity: 1200 amps, 600V 3-phase power

  • Facility comes with top quality, compliant systems and fit outs - e.g. 28 air handlers, security cameras, Angus software based automatic dosing and irrigation system, large caterpillar generator, Enteliweb building management system, etc.

  • The rooms are designed according to GMP/EU-GMP standards

  • Total invested in the property in capital improvements is ~$10 million

  • Looking to sell the purpose-built facility and licenced business for $3.4M


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