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Biotech company with proprietary, turnkey, mobile extraction labs seeks strategic investment partner

A turnkey mobile extraction solution provider with EU GMP certifiable, proprietary laboratories for hemp and cannabis producers seeks strategic investment partner

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Seeking $5 million investment to further expand current North American and ASEAN operations and capture greater market share globally

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  • A biotech company that designs, builds, maintains and supports, clean room, turnkey mobile extraction laboratories built to GPP, cGMP and EU GMP (pharma) standards

  • A unique speed-to-market business model offering purpose-built, industrial-scale, proprietary turnkey laboratories and extraction services to global partners

  • These turnkey labs are fully equipped, modular and scalable within an existing facility or to new operations, with the latest extraction and post-processing clean technology, integrated safety and security systems

  • A single self-contained lab can process up to 2000 lbs of cannabis or hemp biomass and deliver 110L of high quality distillate per day

  • Includes proprietary software that delivers efficiency, transparency, and consistency; with  over 100 datapoints captured to support machine learning optimization and monetization

  • Operated by trained technicians, delivers exceptional processing and on-site extraction services to clients globally

  • Management is well versed in THC and CBD extraction markets and has an unparalleled depth of knowledge of biomass processing gleaned from years in the agricultural industry

  • Exceptional speed to market in as little as three months avoids lost revenue for customers

  • Currently expanding opportunities with existing partners

  • Growing revenue streams through exclusive partnership with 3 - 5 year agreements in place and recurring monthly revenue model to re-invest in accretive growth

  • Forecasting 8-10 million of sales revenue in the next 12 months

  • Company is looking to deploy  30 + proprietary turnkey labs  globally over 12 key markets over the next 5 years

  • Company is in the process to become a publicly traded company

  • Additional growth capital is expected to be raised when public

  • Seeking $5 million investment to further expand its operations and capture greater market share globally


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