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First-mover API manufacturer in EU-GMP facility, poised to lead the Italian market!

Cannabis API manufacturer in EU-GMP certified pharma facility with expert team ready to lead the 2,000 KG/yr medical cannabis market in Italy

Listing ID:


Licence(s) Held:

GDP licence for API distribution GMP licence for API manufacturing (repackaging)


Seeking strategic equity partner to invest up to €1.5 million

Listing Details:

  • First mover to bring standardized cannabinoid APIs based on phyto-complex to the Italian market

  • Company is operational, pre-revenue, focused exclusively on cannabis extraction and natural cannabinoids API formulation

  • Currently undertaking a strategic regulatory path with incremental licensing stages allowing product to market along the way (achieved first milestone as an API distributor)

  • Ready to offer a range of products and services related to cannabis and its preparation, in order to facilitate patient access to this therapy

  • Built a 200 sq m cutting-edge pharmaceutical production facility and quality control laboratory

  • Facility is comprised of cleanroom and essential technical utilities featuring pressure, temperature, and humidity monitoring, a finishing laboratory with controlled contamination, and a laboratory equipped for internal quality control

  • Experienced, specialized team with robust scientific network and extensive regulatory knowledge

  • Strong industrial and medical partnerships, along with direct sales, contribute to increased competitiveness in the market

  • There is a demand for medical cannabis in Italy, but the market lacks specialized companies experienced in navigating regulatory complexities and providing APIs tailored to specific therapeutic needs and clinical trials.

  • Potential opportunity to introduce medical cannabis flowers and oils in the complex Italian cannabis market

  • Actively seeking an equity partner to strategically develop high-quality medicinal cannabis product portfolio and further development of its production facility


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