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North Macedonian medical cannabis disruptor with EU-GMP compliant facility and proprietary digital platform/IP seeks investment partner

A UK-based ownership group, with North Macedonia's EU-GMP compliant manufacturing facility, boasts exclusive manufacturing capability, a proprietary digital platform, and an industry-leading low-cost structure. Company seeks €2.5 million investment to finalize EUGMP compliance and launch their first products into European and global markets

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Licence(s) Held:

Regulatory license held for the manufacturing, R&D, processing, packaging and import/ export of medicinal cannabis globally includes flower, extracts and final product


Seeking strategic investment of €2.5 million

Listing Details:

  • Headquarted in London, UK, this medical cannabis company strategically leverages a low-cost manufacturing facility in North Macedonia to access the supply chain, while maintaining its focus on higher-value activities further along the chain

  • Construction completed on a ~2,500 m² EU GMP designed manufacturing, R&D, processing and packaging facility

  • Facility is capable of tolling 1000 KG’s of dried flower per month (i.e. GACP to GMP conversion), extraction capacity of 130 lts per month (EU-GMP) and further capabilities for packaging, white labeling, finished product, and stability chambers

  • 25 acres of commercial land owned and 5 acres are licensed for production and outdoor cultivation

  • Company has developed proprietary platforms for wholesale (i.e. suppliers, distributors), end patient (i.e. patients and prescribers) clinician evidence, and data/ IA platforms.

  • World-class team with domain and industry leadership spanning medical, pharmaceuticals, technology and cannabinoids

  • Have established a number of key relationships with clinics, distributors, university partners and other commercial partners

  • Diversified supply agreements are in place and multiple LOIs/contracts are underway

  • Exclusive partnership for core set of stable genetics

  • With a portfolio comprising 12 vaporized formulations, the company is poised to lead the medical cannabis vaporizer market through exclusive partnership with leading UK Clinic & German distributor; targeting launches in the UK, German, and Australian markets

  • Anticipating ~€4 million in annual revenue in 2024

  • Exclusive contract for the cultivation and supply to a UK cannabinoid FDA Botanical Pathway Drug Development company

  • Strategically positioned as a key gateway for importing and exporting cannabis and cannabis products to and from North Macedonia, poised to emerge as a prominent force in pioneering cannabinoid-based medication and technology within Europe

  • The company seeks €2.5 million investment to achieve EU-GMP certification and introduce its unique products into the European and global markets


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