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Two disruptive, ready-to-launch Canadian rec brands for sale with expert launch team!

Leading cannabis branding and product expert with two ready-to-launch Canadian rec brands open to a combination acquisition & royalty/earn-out deal. Full multi-Province launch plan, including brand asset package & marketing plan/budget, comes with the deal!

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Seeking acquisit6ion and royalty/earn-out structure

Listing Details:

  • Leading cannabis branding and product expert with unique insights into the Canadian market has developed two brands to address underserved parts of the market, with significant sales and market share growth potential

  • A data-driven approach was used in developing the brands and the underlying product/format selections to ensure they align with current and future consumer preferences

  • The brands are ready-to-launch across Canada and a full launch team, with deep market experience, is available as part of the deal 

  • Development of the two brands was predicated on in-depth market research by a team of Canadian retail cannabis market specialists with a proven track record of success

  • Brand 1 is the quintessential brand for the fashion-forward woman who values convenience, quality, and style in her cannabis experience. The brand serves experienced cannabis users, offering premium ‘quad’ flower and terpene-rich concentrates. It stands out in the market by catering to the growing number of “legal connoisseurs” who prioritize high quality cannabis experience over value segment offerings.

  • Brand 2 is the ultimate new cannabis brand curated for the 19-25 age group, blending style, affordability, natural authenticity and social consciousness powered by a vibrant, digital community. This brand’s value proposition is ready-to-use formats, each richly-infused with THC, delivering a convenient, potent and stylish cannabis experience without breaking the bank.

  • The owner and designer of the brands is open to a combination acquisition & royalty/earn-out arrangement.


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