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Disruptive market growth vehicle! Australian telehealth, virtual clinic & online marketplace platform driving significant market share!

Disruptive, Australian Telehealth provider and virtual medical clinic with industry-first, Omni-Channel Medical Cannabis Marketplace for patients, doctors, pharmacies, distributors and product suppliers seeks strategic investment partner looking to enter/expand in the Australian market

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Seeking strategic investment of $2 million AUD

Listing Details:

  • Scalable, Omni-Channel Medical Cannabis Marketplace - built by/for health professionals – removes inefficient silos through complete supply chain integration, simplifying the process for all stakeholders and controlling the complete supply chain!

  • Full-service platform facilitates online patient appointments, doctor/patient education, prescribers’ product database, electronic order (prescription) processing, pharmacy/patient delivery processing, as well as integrated electronic payment automation.

  • Medical clinic with 14,000 existing medical cannabis patients and a pharmacy portal with connection to 5000+ pharmacies.

  • Company is partnered with one of Australia’s largest online pharmacies specializing in medical cannabis, blending online and retail cannabis dispensary services and offering a customized portal for streamlined order management as well as payment for, and delivery of, medical cannabis prescriptions.

  • Company is built on an asset light, fee-based business model with high margins via a B2B subscription service to clinicians as well as an e-commerce B2C model delivering product direct to pharmacies/patients.

  • Well-established relationships with key Australian and import/export supply chain partners

  • Solution enables personalised care by equipping medical professionals with detailed product information for tailored treatments.

  • Clinician-designed online platform allows a strategic partner to tap into the Australian medical cannabis market expediently through well-established patient, prescriber, pharmacy and distributor relationships.

  • Company is an experienced health software solutions provider with deep expertise in telehealth, e-commerce and medical cannabis.

  • Seeking strategic equity investment for continued development and growth of its’ Omni-Channel Marketplace to capture a greater share of the rapidly-expanding Australian cannabis market.


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