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Purpose-designed, and wholly-owned, two-floor, ~4,000+ ft.², indoor, licensed micro cultivator in AB seeks full divestiture of the going-concern business and real estate property

Licence(s) Held:

Micro Cultivation and CRA Licence


Seeking outright divestiture of wholly-owned property, business and licences for $1.7 million OBO

  • A wholly-owned, fully fenced, standalone, ~4,000 ft.² micro cultivation facility in AB sitting on 2.5 acres of land

  • Main floor is comprised of 2 flower rooms, mother/clone room, decontamination/quarantine area and shipping/receiving area

  • Second floor has a flower room, dry room, trim/packaging area, secured storage, sanitation station/storage, mechanical/electrical room, office and staff area

  • Site is fully licensed and currently operational

  • ~$1.5 million spent on the facility build out and fit out and equipment

  • Land and property are valued at ~$1.2 million

  • Facility comes with equipment

  • There is room for future expansion for indoor, outdoor and green-house cultivation, as well as processing/extraction

  • There is also a 1400 ft.² house and 2x standalone car garage on the property, separate within the fenced perimeter

  • Open for full divestiture of the going-concern business and real estate or lease option


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