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Disruptive, low cost, high quality outdoor cultivator is a first in Australia!

Hybrid indoor/outdoor year-round cultivator with hand-picked genetics producing high quality flower/biomass at industry-low prices

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Licence(s) Held:

Medicinal Cannabis Licence


Seeking strategic investment of $3.5 million AUD

Listing Details:

  • Leading Australian medical cannabis cultivator, poised to be a major organic, outdoor-indoor hybrid medicinal cannabis producer

  • Utilizes a cost-effective, year-round indoor and outdoor cultivation process for high-quality, competitively priced cannabis flower

  • Boasts a 12-acre footprint, yielding up to 41 tonnes of medicinal cannabis annually with 24 harvests, ensuring a steady, uninterrupted supply

  • Very low, industry-leading cost of production beats out black market prices

  • Exclusive genetics and a robust management team contribute to ongoing success and staying current with market trends through an ongoing and extensive breeding program

  • Company has established relationships with exporters who have existing supply pathways into the UK and EU, with signed off-take agreements

  • Company is on track to become one of the first and largest organic, outdoor-hybrid medicinal cannabis grow facilities in Australia

  • Outdoor cultivation enhances terpene and cannabinoid profiles, resulting in a superior product experience for patients

  • Strategic growth plans include potential scaling to 100 acres to capture more significant market share

  • Company has defined clear commercial pathways for its flower and biomass derivatives such as fresh frozen live rosin, with prices for the finished products providing a strong and sustainable margin

  • Currently seeking strategic investment to fully activate their path to production and market entry


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