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5,000 ft.², wholly-owned, processing facility in Vancouver Island, BC

Rare opportunity to purchase a wholly-owned, previously licensed standard processing facility with processing related equipment for $1.9 million obo

Listing ID:


Licence(s) Held:

Previously held Standard Processing, Sales for Medical, and Recreational Sales License (all categories)


Seeking outright divestiture of the wholly-owned property and equipment for $1.9 million OBO

Listing Details:

  • A wholly owned, state-of-the art 5,000+ ft.² previously-licensed cannabis facility located on Vancouver Island

  • Purpose-designed to produce bubble hash, live rosin, package dried flower, pre-rolls, and infused pre-rolls

  • Facility is comprised of 3x processing rooms, extraction room, milling room, rosin pressing room, secure storage with large walk-in freezer, shipping and receiving, electrical/mechanical room, quarantine and offices

  • Historically undertook finished packaging, solventless extraction for live rosin products, labelling, manufacturing (vapes, live rosin, pre-rolls, etc), sales and storage

  • Historically, facility had a capability to produce ~1900 kg of fresh frozen flower per month and tons of capacity for packaging and storage

  • ~$3 million spent in capital expenditures (leasehold improvements) for the customized cannabis facility build-out

  • Facility comes with a range of physical assets and equipment

  • Land the property are valued at ~$1.6 million

  • The facility has ­flexibility to expand capacity to produce output when demand warrants


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