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High quality, high margin, low cost African GACP cultivator poised for immediate and rapid growth!

Largest licensed cultivator in Africa! GACP, IMC-GAP, strong South Africa and U.S.-based ownership group, high-THC cultivars and industry-low cost structure will allow this global cannabis company to thrive under future price compression

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Licence(s) Held:

Lesotho Operation Licence, IMC-GAP, GACP and CUMCS Certifications


Seeking “smart money” strategic partner to invest up to $3 million USD; open to Board representation

Listing Details:

  • Well established, high margin, high quality, cannabis cultivator & exporter of medical THC flower poised for exponential growth

  • First-to-market for export of medical cannabis out of Africa; strategically positioned as a prime cornerstone within the global supply chain for premium, new trend cultivars

  • Led by an experienced South Africa and U.S.-based ownership group, world-class industry leaders and operational teams, the company boasts an industry low overhead cost structure and tax benefits

  • Currently undertaking cultivation, genetics/tissue culture, trimming, drying, propagation and bulk packaging, B2B sales and export into Israel

  • Company owns the largest medical cultivation cannabis licence in Africa with an initial high quality, state-of-the-art, 80,000 ft.² greenhouse, nestled within 370 acres of land

  • The site encompasses a new ~8500 ft.² post-harvest manufacturing facility adhering to EU GMP standards, as well as a centralized operation hub

  • The greenhouse facility possesses the capacity to yield 10,000 kg of premium dried flower annually

  • Established four premium, high quality cultivars, showcasing THC levels of 22% to 24.5% (to balance current global demand and restrictions regarding THC content.) In addition, efforts are underway to propagate additional unique strains.

  • In negotiations with several new purchase agreements and has strong commercial distribution leads in Australia, Germany, Poland, and South Africa

  • Largest physical footprint as the licence can accommodate 30 greenhouses plus vast outdoor grow

  • Anticipate pursuing EU GMP certification within the next 18 months. With the inclusion of a strategic partner, this process could be expedited within a shorter timeframe.

  • An exceptional prospect to collaborate with one of Africa's top-tier, dominant cultivators, presenting the opportunity to capture a substantial share of the market

  • Leveraging well-established infrastructure, attractive labor dynamics, gateway into the market and a pro-business, pro-cannabis governmental stance, the company provides a compelling proposition

  • Looking for “smart money” investors/partners characterized by strategic acumen, particularly those with a strong international presence, ideally within the EU


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