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Top German cannabis importer, wholesaler and product launch partner seeks strategic investment

German pharmaceutical wholesaler, importer and exporter of medical cannabis offers ideal launch pad for new cannabis products into the German market

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Licence(s) Held:

Narcotics Licence, GDP Distribution Licence


Seeking strategic investment of up to €2 million for continued growth and market expansion

Listing Details:

  • Established in 2017/2018, this experienced cannabis wholesaler is emerging as an industry leader by supplying exclusive branded medical cannabis products to pharmacies and other wholesalers in Germany

  • Established partnerships with leading medical cannabis pharmacies enhances the Company’s market reach and credibility

  • Innovative marketing and sales strategies support increased market access and sustainable sales growth

  • Pioneering company was first in Europe to import and distribute finished cannabis products from the African continent, showcasing an ability to bring a unique and diverse product range to Germany/the EU

  • Largely self-funded company has achieved revenues exceeding €2 million in the past year and is projecting ~ €7 million in 2024, and ~€14 million in 2025

  • Company has a diverse product portfolio, offering a wide range of cannabis flowers and extracts in varying potencies for different indications, catering to a broad customer base

  • Currently holds registrations for the sale of both non-irradiated and irradiated dried cannabis flowers, along with cannabis extracts, with additional product registrations in progress for 2024

  • Core team includes highly qualified experts from the pharmaceutical, legal and economic fields

  • Company has unique insights and connections into the Ukraine region and aims to be a key supply chain conduit for cannabis flos and extracts into the soon-to-launch Ukrainian cannabis market

  • Multiple supply agreements, B-2-B contracts, fulfilling existing contracts with excellent and consistent SKU velocity, with a clear path to add new products

  • Company is poised to take advantage of significant increases in the addressable market from the upcoming rescheduling of cannabis in Germany

  • Experienced industry leader is the only German company to lead two non-European cannabis producers through the EU GMP qualification process for export to Europe, demonstrating global compliance expertise

  • Seeking strategic investment to propel product purchasing, marketing, and sales expansion, ensuring continued robust growth for the Company and its’ strategic partners


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