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Innovative Swiss-German R&D firm seeks funding partner for advanced medical cannabis inhalation technology

Highly-specialized, Swiss-German R&D firm first to market with disruptive, advanced medical inhaler for clean cannabis extracts seeks strategic funding partner

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Seeking strategic equity partner to fund up to ~ €1.5 million for accelerated development

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  • A German R&D company focused on developing vaporizer technology as a medical device for liquid cannabis extracts aiming to solve the core issues medical inhalation today

  • The technology excels in precisely evaporating small to high dosages in a single inhalation, ensuring optimal particle size for effective lung delivery

  • Different dosages will rely on dose specific cartridges, all working on the same inhalation platform technology

  • The technology is currently patent-pending, with anticipated patent grants in Europe, USA and Australia slated in 2024 or 2025

  • ISO 13485 certification to be certified in Q2 2024

  • Experienced, industry-leading international team possessing profound knowledge in medical/pharma R&D, expertise in inhalation technologies, and a strong background in the medical cannabis regulatory field

  • The company specializes in the development and sale of customized medical inhalers, achieving sustainable profits through strategic licensing agreements with pharmaceutical customers

  • Company is seeking strategic funding partner for accelerated development and bringing the product to market


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