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Unique opportunity to acquire a turnkey, GACP-and GDP-licensed cannabis company in Portugal, operating from a 2,350 m.² state-of the art facility with EU-GMP I and EU-GMP II areas substantially-built and pending final inspection

Licence(s) Held:

Cultivation, EU-GACP, GDP Wholesale Distribution, Import, Export, EU-GMP I & EU-GMP II application submitted


Seeking outright divestiture of the licenses, assets, purpose-designed leased premises, and going concern business for €4.2 million

Rare opportunity to acquire all the shares of a diversified medical cannabis company in Portugal holding Infarmed licences for GACP cultivation, GDP wholesale distribution, import and export, with EU-GMP I and EU-GMP II certification underway:

  • Perfect European supply hub for the global medical cannabis sector for wholesale dried cannabis flower and oils/extracts (under GDP licence), tissue cultured clones (under GACP licence), and contract manufactured finished products (under EU-GMP I and II certification, which is pending inspection). 

  • State-of-the-art, 2,350 sq. m., leased cannabis production facility comes with purpose-designed, licensed  GACP area (mother room, clone room, maturing room, irrigation room, tissue culture lab, R&D space, cryogenic freezer), licensed GDP area (distribution warehouse, cannabis storage), soon-to-be-licensed GMP I and GMP II area (70%-completed post harvest space, packaging space, storage rooms, extraction spaces), staff areas and office areas.

  • The company’s GDP licence authorises them to trade cannabis and controlled GMP products, globally. In addition, the company is licenced to store the product on site and export to licenced clients globally, in any country where they have cannabis approval to import.

  • The company's EU-GMP post harvest, processing and manufactoring area, with EU-GMP I and II application submitted, will open up full and direct access to EU-wide and global cannabis supply pathways.

  • The company supplies cannabis plants in the form of “tissue cultured clones” to Portuguese and European wide cultivation companies, as well as offering technical support, lab services/analytics, and cryogenic freezing under its’ GACP licence.

  • The company has an exclusive agreement in place to sell cannabis genetics with one of the world’s leading breeders.

  • Land and property are rented under a 6 + 6 year lease with favourable terms, and an option to buy.

  • Includes solar panels and a 2.5MW transformer is installed.

  • €2 million+ in tax losses come with the sale.


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