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High quality, high volume, low cost Colombian cannabis company selling into multiple global markets

A publicly traded, reputable Colombian medical cannabis enterprise, renowned for its consistent year-round production of premium-quality cannabis at a significant scale, is actively seeking a strategic equity partner.

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Licence(s) Held:

Colombian GACP. The company is licensed to produce, extract, export and import cannabis from Colombia and approved to export by the Colombian government.


Seeking USD $2 million strategic equity partner

Listing Details:

  • Well-established and well-positioned Columbian medical cannabis company to become the largest and most reliable global wholesale cannabis supplier. This company has established supply chains at commercial scale with shipments of 272kgs, 1728kgs, 3425kgs, among others, to international partners. Was the first to have exported Cannabis flower from Columbia in June 2022.

  • One of the few companies to have successfully legally exported different grades of high-quality Flower/Isolate/Distillate of THC and CBD internationally (Americas, EU, Asia, Australia).

  • Harvesting 1000kgs of product every 2 weeks and producing Cannabis in a 2.5 acre greenhouse and 7.4 acres of outdoor land - ability to scale to up to 200 acres with nearby land.

  • Over 30,000 plants in life cycle harvested 6-7 times / year to maximize production footprint and meeting quality spec.

  • Company has 30 high quality, registered strains in their genetics library, all developed in Colombia, with one of Colombia’s leading genetics teams under the leadership of their Canadian cultivation and genetics experts.

  • Company also has a number of unique strains that are testing at 26-30% THC in the pipeline and more underway. Genetics developed in Canada, with one of Colombia’s leading agricultural genetics teams for Cannabis production. Adding to genetics library and fine tuning the production approach for maximum cannabinoid and terpene plant expression.

  • Quality testing shows COAs that meet high quality standards (TG93/TG100) and European Pharmacopeia testing thresholds.

  • Successfully executed on exports from Colombia and established supply chains at commercial scale with largest exported volume out of Colombia with close to 5 tonnes of product to date to international partners

  • Established strong sales pipeline in key markets of Germany, UK, Australia and Caribbean

  • Highly experienced management team, with strong expertise in cultivation, pharma and distribution.

  • In the process of acquiring for EU-GACP,CUMCS-GMP, IMC GAP Certifications.

  • The Colombian equatorial climate enables the production of high-quality product with consistent year-round supply at attractive prices, while meeting quality assurance standards

  • Take advantage of this market entry framework in Columbia to become a global leader in wholesale cannabis.

  • Seeking strategic equity partner to fund continued growth, licensing and fuel expansion plans.

  • Competitive Advantages. Given the advantages of a Colombian (equatorial) production, the company is able to provide high-quality product with consistent supply year-round at attractive prices, while meeting quality assurance standards. Proven execution on several exports of cannabis flowers from Colombia – to date the largest registered exported volume out of Colombia with close to 5 tonnes of product exported.


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