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Danish biopharmaceutical (publicly traded) company that is licensed for medical cannabinoids production and distribution in the European Market seeks strategic equity partner to further expand existing facility and operations

Licence(s) Held:

EU-GACP and EU-GMP licences


Strategic equity partner – 30% for €5.3 million (DKK 40 million)

  • A fully licensed, publicly traded company, biopharmaceutical Danish company producing medical cannabinoids to pharmaceutical distributors targeting the European market

  • Holds both EU-GMP and EU-GACP in an indoor, leased, 1,200 m2 state-of-the-art production facility utilizing aeroponics-technology and vertical farming located in an industrial area – introducing some of the cleanest world-wide (non-irradiated) flower material to the European market

  • Currently operational and currently utilizing 400 m2production space and 200 m2 for administration and office space

  • Currently undertaking, cultivation, propagation trimming, drying, bulk packaging, labelling, finished packaging, imports, exports, wholesale sales, retail sales, storage, and distribution

  • Current production capacity is ~100 kg year/strain and capable to upscale the capacity to produce ~2,200 kg/year of dried cannabis (based on 1-6 strains)

  • Expected to deliver its first cannabis and cannabinoids to the market in Q3 2023

  • At current scale, the company expects to hit €270k/yearly (2 MDKK/yearly) and at full commercial scale, it is expected to generate €6.7 million/yearly (50 MDKK/yearly)

  • Experienced pharma team with strong competencies within business development, quality assurance and regulatory affairs

  • Company has offtake agreements are in place expected to generate total revenues of > €10.7 mill (DKK 80 mill) in total for the years 2023-2025

  • Licence amendments expected Q3 2023 for bulk release / product approval

  • There is an expansion of 600 m2 possibility to build other production rooms to increase the production capacity to ~2,200 kg/year in the same industrial area – resulting in a highly efficient utilization of square meters

  • Long term lease (10-years rental agreement)

  • Facility comes with all supporting fixtures and equipment

  • Company is seeking a strategic partner to further expand existing facility and operations and capture greater market share or open for full divestiture discussions for the current turnkey project

  • There is an option to acquire the building within the tenor of the rental agreement (real estate valued at ~€910k)


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