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Dynamic cultivation, extraction & manufacturing LP operating from a 24,000 ft.², purpose-designed, leased facility in BC with solid growth potential

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation (Indoor + Outdoor), Standard Processing, Recreational Sales Amendment (All Categories), Industrial Hemp License, CRA Licence and Ethanol User license


Seeking outright sale of the going-concern business, lease-take over and licence for $1 million. Option to purchase with the real estate for $5 million

  • Fully operational, dynamic, 24,000 ft.² facility comprised of 7 total cultivation rooms, 4 extraction/post-extraction rooms, 4 processing/packaging rooms, 2 large secure storage rooms, separate shipping/receiving areas, office area and more

  • Facility has 8,000 ft.² of expansion space on the second level and sits on 37 acres, complete with a 3-acre outdoor licensed cultivation area & 8 seasonal greenhouses

  • Currently undertaking vertical craft cultivation, two forms of extraction (including hydrocarbon), manufacturing, packaging, B2B/B2C sales and distribution for own brand/products and multiple LP clients, with sales into multiple Provinces

  • Cultivation production capability for the facility is approx. 1,800 kgs/annually

  • Extraction capacity is approx. 5,000 kgs/monthly on a single shift

  • Company has 30+ registered strains in their genetics library

  • $8 million historical revenue generated in 2022

  • Total invested in property, capital improvements and equipment are ~$10 million

  • Building Permit in place for additional 12,000 ft.² processing/extraction building on the site

  • Staff are fully engaged and willing to stay on and owners are willing to stay on and help operate the business as needed

  • The land and property are valued at $5.3 million and there is an option to buy the facility and the land

  • Facility will come with inventory and equipment

  • Seeking outright sale of the going-concern business, lease-take over and licence for $1 million or option to purchase with the real estate for $5 million


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