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German medical cannabis distributor with sales network into German pharmacies & global markets seeks a strategic partner to invest €3-5 million for a substantial ownership position, & to fuel expansion plans. Projecting €5 million revenue in 2024!

Licence(s) Held:

Narcotics Licence, GDP Distribution Licence


Seeking strategic equity partner to fund continued growth

  • Licensed German medical cannabis wholesaler importing, exporting & distributing a range of medicinal cannabis product forms selling in Germany, as well as other global markets

  • Currently conducting import and distribution of dried flower, extracts, finished medical cannabis products and API in bulk and jars. Also providing in-house branding and white labelling services, B2B and B2C sales

  • Operating from licensed, leased premises in a commercial building, incorporating offices and lab space to support imports, as well as an EU-GMP partner processing and storage facility

  • Experienced, industry-leading team with deep expertise navigating German, European and global medical cannabis markets, with a firm grasp on the recreational cannabis market opportunity in Germany and the rest of Europe

  • Company has differentiated digital infrastructure and online assets providing significant competitive advantage

  • Working with an increasing number of suppliers as a “launch pad” into the German market, via white-label packaging, distribution and market access services

  • Business is lean and efficient, operating at a low monthly burn rate with low debts

  • Identified as one of the Top 20 Cannabis Distributors in Germany

  • The Company is highly involved and up-to-date with the legal proposals for cannabis legalization in Germany

  • Company is at break-even in 2022 and 2023 and is forecasting imminent cash flow positive status with ~€5 million projected annual sales in 2024

  • Company is well-equipped with contracts for the European cannabis industry surge set to commence in 2024

  • Company can also perform research on psychedelics under the existing licences

  • Looking for a strategic partner or a merger to build on its unique platform, further scaling commercial operations and expanding to meet clientele demands in Europe


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