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Medical Cannabis Markets in Israel, Germany and Australia Set to Expand

I've been talking and writing about impending changes to the cannabis regulations in Israel that, when implemented, will significantly expand the market in that jurisdiction.

The new regulations were slated for release at the end of this year but due to the current conflict in the region, it appears the new cannabis regulations have been delayed by 3 months per the Israeli Ministry of Health (see link below for a bit more relevant information).

In other forums I've also written and talked about the impending changes to Germany's cannabis laws which will see cannabis removed from the Narcotics list and other changes that will have the effect of significantly expanding the medical cannabis market in the EU's most highly-populated country.

These changes are slated to come into effect starting around March/April 2024.

It's interesting that two of the largest medicinal cannabis (import) markets in the world are set to expand exponentially around the same time.

Viewed alongside the significant market expansion taking place in Australia, the impending regulatory changes in Israel and Germany bode well for companies operating within the global supply chain for medical cannabis. (as well as domestic licensed cannabis producers in the three identified markets).

I'm hoping to make more time to comment more often on what we're seeing through our business activities as the global cannabis market evolves.

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