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Portuguese company specializing in extraction, formulation, production, packaging and distribution of medical cannabis in the EU is seeking full divestiture for the entire business, wholly owned land and pre-license

Licence(s) Held:

Cannabis processing pre-licence


Seeking outright divestiture of the pre-license, wholly owned land and going concern business for €750,000

Licensed Portuguese cannabis processor focused on extraction, formulation, production, packaging and distribution of medical cannabis for sale to pharmacies, licensed producers, and licensed distributors in the E.U. and UK

Received initial license from Portugal’s National Medicines Authority (Infarmed) in December, 2021

In the process of constructing a state-of-the-art, federally licensed, 21,000 sq ft EU-GMP cannabis extraction facility on a wholly owned site in Portugal

All local approvals and amenities are in place

Phase 1 construction is capable of processing up to 40,000 KGs of cannabis biomass annually

Company will also source and process certified, sustainably-sourced and traceable biomass and crude oil from the global and domestic markets

There are existing supply agreements in place and more underway

Looking to sell products in Germany and Spain initially

Construction completion scheduled for the end of Q3, 2023

Have forged an alliance with various Portuguese GACP cultivators who will provide high quality flower into their EU GMP processing space

Have excellent local government support and have gained traction with the Portuguese national cannabis regulatory agency

Great partner for a US MSO or Canadian LP wishing to export cannabis flower and/or launch brands into the EU

Key advantages of being in Portugal is that it provides a tariff free gateway into the EU and logistical access to the UK market

Unique opportunity to take your formulations and produce your brands for introduction into the EU market space and eliminate infrastructure, licensing and other overhead costs

Take advantage of saving 1.5+ years of project time and overhead costs and benefit from local tax breaks

Land is valued at ~€20,000

Purchaser will receive pre-licenses and the wholly owned land


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