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Privately-owned, BC-based, licensed cannabis producer seeks leasing partner to operate up to 13 acres of licensed outdoor cultivation with harvesting and freezer space

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation


Seeking lessee to operate turnkey outdoor grow. $295,000 annual lease payment

  • ~ 20 acres is fenced off and includes 13 acres of outdoor cultivation plus 6,000 sq ft of light deprivation hoop houses

  • Facilities have been constructed to a very high standard and are fully equipped to support all related outdoor cultivation activities (e.g. trimming, bucking, etc.)

  • Hoop houses fitted with tables, benches for clones and equipment for preparing seedlings /clones are available to the lessee

  • The lessee is welcome to purchase seeds from the lessor. Lessee is also welcome to bring in their own genetics / clones as allowable by Health Canada

  • Freezer has capacity for approximately 16,000 wet KG fresh frozen cannabis flower or up to 20,000 depending on how product is stored

  • Excellent soil and water quality with full COAs available for both

  • Lessee to provide its’ own operating team (i.e., growers, harvesters, processors, QAP)

  • Site is fully secured with all physical and electronic security systems/devices in place to operate

  • Experienced Master Grower available for consultation with outdoor cultivation experience at this specific site

  • Full set of SOP’s included to support outdoor cultivation, processing and storage of fresh frozen cannabis

  • Excellent opportunity for an extractor to grow their own frozen biomass for pennies per gram

  • Seeking lessee to operate turnkey outdoor grow


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