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Unique opportunity to purchase a European licensed GACP cultivation business with EU-GMP processing pending, and plenty of expansion capability with direct access to Germany and the emerging EU/global cannabis market.

Licence(s) Held:

EU-GACP Licence to Import, Cultivate and Export Cannabis products


Seeking outright divestiture of the licence, lease and going concern business for €15 million

  • Operating from a ~23,000 ft.², leased, fully built-out indoor cultivation facility in an industrial area

  • Facility is comprised of 3 flowering rooms, mother room, cloning room, trimming room, 2 drying rooms, 1 safe storage room, 1 packaging room, 3 small testing/experience rooms, nutrients and washing

  • There is also ~2,100 ft.² of offices, restrooms/changing rooms, lunchroom and computer room

  • Currently undertaking importation of seeds or plants, propagation, genetics, cultivation, trimming, packaging, labelling, sales, storage and distribution

  • Total cloning capacity generates over 10.000 clones per cycle

  • Between 1 to 2 tons of dried cannabis flower per year of current production capacity at the site based on the present operation

  • Supply agreement in place to sell a minimum 500 Kgs per year of high THC strains for exporting to European markets

  • Between 2 to 4 tons of dried cannabis flower per year of future production capability

  • There is an expansion possibility to build other production rooms to double the production capacity in the same industrial area

  • Anticipate to complete EU-GMP licence by Q3 2022

  • Open to full purchase, partial purchase opportunities


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