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Unique opportunity to purchase a premium craft cultivator, brand and 14,000 ft.² facility in a Prairie Province projected for $7 million annual sales in 2022

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Sale for Medical Purposes and Recreational Sales (Flower & Pre-Rolls)


Seeking outright divestiture of the licence, wholly-owned property and “going concern” business for $10 million

  • A wholly owned 14,000 ft.² purpose-built facility sitting on 5-acres of land with elite-level operations team and low monthly burn-rate

  • Pristine licensed cultivation facility located 20 minutes from a major Western Canadian city, adjacent to major transportation routes

  • Total parcel of 5 acres, with about 1.5 acres for the current facility.

  • Conducting craft-style cannabis production, in-house dried flower packaging, and representing their own premium brand.

  • Proven track record of producing dried flower which consistently tests well under established microbial limits, avoiding the need for product remediation.

  • Dynamic cannabis cultivation with one harvest every two weeks

  • Diverse genetic library of 130 different strains

  • A number of these unique strains are testing at 21 – 25% THC, with five solid cultivars in production with strong terpene profiles

  • Production around 100kg per month of premium craft flower and can be ramped up higher via expansion on existing and owned land

  • Multi-province sales agreements, B-2-B contracts, national medical distribution channel, growing at capacity to fulfill existing contracts with excellent and consistent SKU velocity

  • $7 million projected annual sales for 2022

  • Expect profitability in 3 to 6 months

  • Potential expansion could triple current capacity at the site

  • Wholly-owned by a group of private investors with previous successful business ventures.

  • Management owns the facility and the land with no bank loans outstanding

  • The land and property are valued at $6.5 million

  • Seeking full divestiture or partnership opportunities


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