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SOLD: 12K ft.² turnkey, Quebec-based licenced cultivator & processor offers Quebec market entry

Standalone, fully-owned, purpose-built licensed cultivation & processing facility with medical sales licence, west of Montreal offers turnkey opportunity for Quebec market entry and immediate expansion capability.

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Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Sale for Medical Purposes, CRA Licence

Cannabis Business - Active Buyers & Investors - Merger & Acquisition Opportunity

Listing Details:

  • A wholly owned, purpose-designed, standalone ~12,000 sq. ft. cannabis cultivation and processing facility sitting on 7 acres of land in Quebec

  • Facility is comprised of 3 x full-scale grow rooms, mother/propagation room, vegetation room, drying room, secured storage, packaging/processing room, destruction room, laboratory, irrigation room, office room, computer room, conference room, lunch room, electrical area, and security room

  • Currently operational, undertaking indoor propagation, cultivation, drying, bulk packaging and B-2-B sales

  • Established sales agreements/relationships with Quebec partner provide an immediate on-ramp to revenue

  • Projecting $1.7 million sales revenue in 2022 and can ramp up to $2.6 million sales revenue at full scale

  • The market valuation for the real estate and land including capital improvements is $3 million

  • Two lots available for future expansion (e.g. indoor expansion, extending existing building, etc.)

  • Sale for Medical licence and Recreational Sales Amendment (dried flower and pre-rolls) in progress by Health Canada

  • The sale price also includes equipment

  • Includes Quebec-based brand with two SKU’s listed at the SQDC

  • Take advantage of the desirable "Grown in Quebec" opportunity at SQDC.

  • Shareholders are seeking a partial or full divestiture of the facility, licence and going-concern business

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