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4,000+ sq ft licensed micro cultivator producing premium craft flower with excellent sales revenues

Dynamic, purpose-built micro cultivation and processing facility with a differentiated business model, high revenues and expansion capability in Atchison, AB

Listing ID:


Licence(s) Held:

Micro Cultivation, Micro Processing, CRA Cannabis Licence

Cannabis Business - Active Buyers & Investors - Merger & Acquisition Opportunity

Listing Details:

  • A leased cannabis facility offering an indoor, purpose-designed, 4,000 ft.² commercial style standalone building in Atchison, Alberta. 

  • Has 8 Pods (Delta9), 6 flowering, 1 mother, 1 clone/veg room

  • Two bays of a 2 level commercial strip mall. 4000 sq/ft

  • Craft-style propagation, cultivation, packaging

  • Forecasted Revenue - $1.2 million by end of year in seeds alone and another $2 million in pre-rolls

  • Low operating costs

  • Has building expansion capability

  • Working on the 2.0 sales amendment 

  • Open to full purchase, partial purchase/investment or joint venture opportunities

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