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SOLD - 15k ft.² turnkey, leased, licensed processor with rec sales amendment within 1 hr of Toronto

Acquire a well-established, fully operational licensed processor with both recreational and medical sales licenses. This turnkey package includes a leased 15,000 ft.² building conveniently located within one-hour from Toronto, all for the price of $900,000

Listing ID:


Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Sales for Medical Purposes and Recreational Sales Amendment (all categories)

Cannabis Business - Active Buyers & Investors - Merger & Acquisition Opportunity

Listing Details:

  • Indoor, purpose-built, 15,000 ft.² leased processing building located in an industrial area within 1 hour of Toronto

  • Currently in operation and generating revenue; possesses licenses for cultivation and processing, currently utilizing them for activities involving processing and packaging

  • Facility is fully built-out and comprised of 10 licensed operations/storage rooms, shipping and receiving, office areas, lunchroom, and other support spaces

  • Boasting low operational expenses and affordable monthly lease payments that offer excellent cost-efficiency

  • Key staff available to support future licensing transition

  • Has a number of provincial relationships including agreements with multiple provinces for adult recreational sales

  • Facility presents a blank canvas with a proven track record of compliance, ready for seamless operation under new ownership

  • Open to full divestiture of the licence, equipment and leased property

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