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Tissue culture plant producer with rare cultivar portfolio seeks strategic equity partner to fuel growth

Licensed tissue culture plant producer with large-scale cloning operation, rare genetics portfolio, a growing export business & state-of-the-art lab facilities seeking $1.5 million "smart money" investment from strategic partner

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Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation and CRA license


Seeking strategic equity partner to invest $1.5 million to fund continued growth

Listing Details:

  • State of the art, purpose built, ~26,000 ft.² tissue culture and cultivation facility sitting on 1 acre of land

  • 5,000 ft.² of GMP compliant tissue culture production lab and plantlet production space

  • Facility is comprised of mother and R&D grow rooms, 6 hardening rooms, tissue culture laboratory, 2x plantlet production rooms, picking and planting line room, separate receiving and quarantine, irrigation room, media preparation room, wash area, secure storage, office rooms, large shipping and packaging room, large clean and sterile room with shipping dock

  • Currently undertaking mother plant and seed production, phenotyping, tissue culture, cloning, propagation, storage and B2B international exports

  • Clone capacity - 2.2 million ready to flower plants, 4.7 Million 4”clones and 1.1 Million TC Clones

  • Company has built an expansive legal genetics catalogue, holding diverse seed and plant stock

  • Assembled a world class science team with plant-based genetics and cannabis experience

  • Has one of the largest R&D programs in Canada through its partnerships with multiple institutions

  • Has a range of breeder and cultivar royalty-type agreements in place

  • Licence holder also has an exclusive, leading-edge technology for modern tissue culture that improves efficiencies, maximizes production, and reduces operational costs

  • EU GMP facility in Europe is operational and LP is selling products to various clients and recently made additional shipments to Israel, the UK, and Greece

  • ~10k ft.² of flowering space available to be worked into a deal with a strategic partner: Dried Flower capacity of 4000kg of custom craft flower available for B2B sales

  • The company has the ability, through strategic partnerships, to offer customized flower genetics, GACP, and flower conversion services in its EUGMP facility in Europe. Additionally, it can distribute its products directly to pharmacies in Germany via a wholesale distributor

  • Great opportunity to access unique, industry-leading genetics, as well as tissue culture and cloning services to support leading edge cannabis cultivation


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