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Unique opportunity to purchase a wholly-owned, pharmaceutical grade, custom-built 4,000 sq. ft. head-house and multi-functional licenced cannabis site built in 2022

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation (including Outdoor Cultivation) Licence


Seeking outright divestiture of the licence, wholly-owned facility and going concern business for $2.4 million

  • 50 acres of land, 6 acres (over 260,000 sq. ft.) licenced for cultivation with ability for future expansion to an additional 20 acres

  • Situated on the southern-tip of Ontario in an area known as "Ontario's Garden" known for climate that is conducive to great crop cultivation and award winning farming

  • Minutes away from lake Erie, near prime tourism spots, ideal for future farm-gate opportunities with no near-by dispensaries

  • Wholly-owned, fully operational, pharmaceutical grade, custom-built with high-end finishes 4,000 sq. ft. head-house with multiple rooms designed for cannabis production and 12 ft ceilings

  • State of the art security with Avigilon analytics enabled cameras throughout indoor and outdoor areas with remote monitoring

  • Facility is located 1000 ft. from the main road, sheltered by forest that reduces wind and provides complete privacy

  • Over 6 acres of fenced outdoor cultivation with ~10,000kg of yield capacity and future expansion capability for indoor, outdoor and green-house grow and processing/extraction

  • Facility is comprised of propagation room, curing room, drying room, trim/packaging room, secure storage, shipping and receiving, loading dock, office and staff rooms, lobby, security and 3 washrooms

  • Each room is equipped with its own climate control system (HVAC) to support operational use requirements

  • Designed for lean operational cost, unlimited off-grid drinkable (tested) water supply with sufficient capacity to irrigate the entire grow area cutting down operational costs

  • Custom stand-alone irrigation station

  • Gas and electricity supplied to facility from the road

  • Back-up natural gas generator to support operations

  • Facility comes with all equipment on-site and includes industrial led lighting, commercial cloner and multiple freezers for fresh frozen needs

  • ~$1.4 million of capital spent on customized build-out and fit-out

  • Land value ~$1,000,000

  • Owner and staff are open to staying on for future operations

  • Opportunity to generate multiple unique and desirable production strains and yield high quality outdoor flower (current year's grow yielded the highest THC and terpene levels achievable by the strains)

  • Seeking outright divestiture of the licence, wholly-owned facility and going concern business for $2.4 million

  • Owner is also open to JV or sublease opportunities


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