A legacy market brand and proprietary edibles formulator gaining traction in the legal market with innovative product formulations, operating from an LP facility located in the GTA.

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Seeking outright divestiture of the brand, IP/formulations, specialized equipment, LP sub-lease, and going concern business for $1,000,000 o.b.o

  • A legacy market brand with proprietary IP/formulations gaining traction in the legal market with differentiated product SKUs

  • Consumer-centric, focused on small batches, hand curated, consistent and innovative cannabis edibles products

  • Operating from licenced premises in the GTA under a ~1,900 ft.² subleased unit

  • Multi-province sales agreements, B-2-B contracts, white label manufacturing, expanding rapidly to fulfill existing contracts with excellent and consistent SKU velocity

  • Additional new product listing proposals underway in Ontario and other provinces

  • Poised to expand cannabis edibles product lines to accelerate sale revenues

  • Disruptive legacy market-based marketing strategy sets this brand apart

  • There is a strong focus on development of new product to influence and diversify consumer purchasing behaviour

  • Sale comes with the trademark name, product formulations and equipment

  • Rigorous quality control program ensures product quality is always up to standard

  • Sellers are open to stay on as a salaried employee

  • Looking for full divestiture for the brand, IP/formulations, leased property and going concern business for $1,000,000


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