Purpose-built, 1,500 sq ft micro craft cultivator in British Columbia with ability to expand into adjacent units and convert to a standard licence. Well-located 2 hours from Lower Mainland in BC

Licence(s) Held:

Micro Cultivation


Seeking outright divestiture of the licence, leased property and going concern business for $300,000

  • A leased, fully operational, purpose designed 1,500 ft.² indoor micro cultivation facility located 2 hours from Lower Mainland in BC

  • Facility is comprised of 3 grow rooms with 12 ft ceiling height and ancillary areas

  • Conducting craft-style cannabis production, hand-trimming and representing their own craft brand

  • Library of legacy genetics with several unique strains in the production pipeline (50+ strains in seed, ~10 living genetics)

  • A number of these unique strains are testing at 22 – 26% THC

  • Facility also comes with equipment

  • The facility can be expanded to accommodate vertical growing

  • The facility is ripe for future expansion by adding a mezzanine/second floor or taking over one or more adjacent leased units

  • Looking for full divestiture of lease and going-concern business for $300,000

  • Owner operators could stay on if the right deal is made, full divestment or partnership possible

  • Option to purchase the unit for $830,000 and/or purchase additional adjacent unit(s)


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