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Well-established, differentiated retail cannabis stores across the GTA grossing ~$9 million a year with growth potential

Licence(s) Held:

Retail Cannabis License and Cannabis Retail Store Authorization


Stores for sale as part of 3-store package deal (NOTE: interested parties may inquire for individual store pricing)

  • 1,500-1,700+ sq ft beautifully-designed retail cannabis stores, positioned as a prime community hub across several main GTA plaza locations

  • Stores are fully outfitted and have been operated under the same banner since 2020

  • All 3 stores come fully equipped with equipment including POS Units, locking glass display cabinets/tables, track lighting, custom lighting/lights, security systems, laptops, large flat screen TVs, sign box on outside of store, and placements on plaza pylon signs

  • All three locations have delivery doors at their back allowing for OCS and other deliveries to happen without disrupting the sales floor

  • Stores are designed to make cannabis culture approachable and accessible for all consumers

  • Stores have been heavily promoted since inception with strong focus on marketing and social media campaigns, local advertising, customer engagement and retention, lean inventory turnover rates and operational cost savings

  • All three stores are highly rated, including being featured in Best of Weed Maps 2021 and Leafly Best Rated Dispensaries in Ontario 2022

  • Fast ramp up potential to $11+ million annualized sales revenues

  • Stores come with existing inventory with over 400 unique SKUs including ~275 unique cannabis SKUs

  • Attractive 5-year lease terms with the option to renew for another 5 years and negotiate at a fair market value

  • Strong management team in-place at each store to support on-going operations and help in new ownership transition

  • Ability to purchase and operate under the existing franchise agreement under favourable terms, or disassociate the franchise agreement to rebrand these stores

  • Seller has covered all leasehold improvements with ownership residing with the seller

  • Sizeable Right of First Refusal on each store

  • Seller is open to consider reasonable offers for individual stores


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