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~20,000 ft.² indoor, standalone, leased, standard processing and cultivation facility offers turnkey business opportunity near Toronto

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, and Dried Flower Sales Amendment


Seeking outright divestiture of licence, leased property and going-concern business for $650,000 o.b.o

  • ~20,000 ft.² turnkey, leased, Ontario-based licenced processor with a small cultivation footprint located in the GTA

  • Currently undertaking processing, storage and sales activities

  • ~10,000 sq ft expansion space available and farm gate store opportunity

  • Facility is comprised of 2 grow rooms, a mother/veg room, a drying/packaging room, a hash lab, secure storage room, equipment storage, etc.

  • The licensed site is on a long-term, low-cost lease ($20,000 per month)

  • Current licence holder has established sales agreements/relationships with the OCS in Ontario

  • Licence holder has multiple unique genetics in a seed storage bank

  • ~$3.5 million spent building the business, including equipment and customized cannabis facility build-out

  • Seeking full divestiture of the licence, lease and going concern business for $650,000 o.b.o


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