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Diverse, profitable, 1,200 sq ft turnkey, edible operation with low overhead costs in Ontario with rec sales licence for $850,000 o.b.o

Licence(s) Held:

Micro Processing, and Recreational Sales Amendment (All Product Categories)


Open to JV/merger or Seeking outright divestiture of the licence, leased property and going concern business for $850,000 o.b.o

  • A fully operational, purpose-built ~1,200 sq ft, leased, licensed processing facility focused on edibles manufacturing in Ontario

  • Currently conducting processing, in-house edible branding and white labelling services

  • Multi-province supply agreements, B-2-B contracts, growing at capacity to fulfill existing contracts with excellent and consistent SKU velocity

  • Facility is currently generating over 2,500 units per day and can double production with additional staff

  • The seller has a total of 8 SKUs available through (OCS), each featuring distinctive branding

  • Robust and organic marketing campaigns strategically crafted to shape and stimulate consumer demand for their products

  • Seller is releasing additional new SKUs in Q3-2023 in SK, MB, AB and BC

  • Projecting ~$600k sales revenue in the next 12 months with a 50% profit margin

  • Multiple white label contracts and some underway including in the QC market; currently being sold in stores throughout various province (OCS, BC, AB, MB, SK)

  • Low operating costs with lean monthly lease payments

  • Facility comes with all required edible equipment (i.e., commercial kitchen)

  • The site has room for further expansion where the buyer could take over an adjacent lease to double the production and convert into a standard processing licence

  • Opportunity to convert to/accommodate other edible operations, vapes, capsules, gummies and other processing related activities

  • Open to JV/merger or full divestiture of the licence, lease and going concern business


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