Licensed cultivation site with certified organic food-grade greenhouses, processing/admin building, projected $3.2 million annual sales revenue 2022

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Extraction, Sale for Medical Purposes, CRA Licence and Organic Certification


Seeking product distribution partners or outright divestiture of wholly-owned property, licence and going-concern business for $14 million

  • A purpose-designed, wholly-owned, >25,000 sq. ft., certified organic greenhouse with >25,000 sq ft processing/admin building, sitting on ~8 acres of land.

  • Processing/Admin building is comprised of a nursery room, soil mixing room, 2 dry rooms, trimming, packaging, pallet packaging, extraction, hang dry, holding area, air wash, laboratory, R&D room, disposal room, gen set room,  mechanical system room, 4 office rooms, conference room, rest lounge, worker’s break room, workstation, security room, IT room, 2 electrical rooms, male and female lockers, loading dock and outgoing product space

  • Currently conducting propagation, cultivation, hang drying, curing, bulk packaging, retail packaging, labelling, finish packaging, kief dry extraction, kief ice extraction, pre-roll manufacturing

  • Greenhouse facility currently producing certified organic cannabis at high THC levels

  • Has a supply agreement and sales/distribution agreements in place with the major Provinces

  • Diverse, non-GMO, certified organic cannabis genetics genetic library of 25,000 seeds and 100 different strains

  • The site is suitable to export organic high quality cannabis to European regions

  • Capability to produce 4,500kg per year if entire greenhouse is used for flowering, with indoor nursery used for vegging Projecting over $3 million in annual sales in 2022

  • Lean operational costs

  • The site has room for expansion to add 100k sq ft of greenhouse growing space

  • Total invested in property, capital improvements and equipment is over $12 million

  • Open to full purchase opportunities


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