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Portuguese GACP cultivator & German GDP distributor package with product sales in Germany!

EU-based company with GACP cultivation in Portugal and licensed distribution entity in Germany looking to divest the wholly-owned licensed site and going concern business for €5 million

Listing ID:


Licence(s) Held:

Cultivation License and GACP accreditation in Portugal and German GDP licence


Seeking outright divestiture of the wholly owned land and building, licences in Portugal and Germany, and going-concern business for €5 million

Listing Details:

  • Wholly-owned, standalone, innovative ~1,500 sq. m. indoor cultivation facility sitting on ~3 hectares of land in Portugal

  • Facility has production capability of up to 800 kg of dried flower per year and is comprised of multiple cultivation rooms, vegetation rooms, mother rooms and support rooms

  • Phase 2 expansion construction initiated of a 3,000 sq.m. high-tech indoor cultivation facility and 3,000 sq.m. GMP certified facility for processing + extraction

  • Currently operational and undertaking cultivation and B-2-B sales activities across the cannabis value chain

  • A number of these unique strains with high potency are testing at 29% THC in Portugal and are selling into Germany

  • Company has a GDP licence and distribution hub in Germany, that possesses the needed licensing to distribute branded and white label cannabis products directly to pharmacies

  • Cultivated cannabis flowers do not need irradiation, allowing optimal sales cycles without the need to attain the AMRAdV irradiation licence

  • Supply agreements and contracts are in place to sell and export high THC strains to the German market

  • Experienced team available to transition to new ownership

  • ~€4 million capital investment has been made on the customized cannabis build-out and fit-out

  • The land and property are valued at €2.5 million

  • Exciting chance to purchase this Portuguese EU-based company, specializing in cultivating and selling non-irradiated flowers with a chance to expand distribution quickly.

  • With the recent legislative changes in Germany in 2024, cannabis is no longer classified as a narcotic, streamlining the supply chain and spurring growth in the German cannabis market


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