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GACP accredited, licensed cultivator of medical cannabis based in the EU

EU-based company with cultivation in Portugal and licensed distribution entity in Germany looking to expand the production capacity of high-quality, non-irradiated cannabis products

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Licence(s) Held:

Cultivation License, GACP accreditation


Seeking €12.5 million financing to build out a custom-designed 6,000 sq. m. cultivation and EU-GMP processing facility

Listing Details:

  • Wholly-owned, standalone, innovative ~1,500 sq. m. indoor cultivation facility sitting on 2,9 hectares of land in Portugal

  • Facility is comprised of multiple cultivation rooms, vegetation rooms and mother rooms

  • Phase 2 is pending completion and consists of sufficient space to construct a 3,000 sq.m high-tech indoor cultivation facility and 3,000 sq.m. GMP certified facility for processing + extraction

  • Currently operational and undertaking cultivation and B-2-B sales activities across the cannabis value chain

  • GACP accreditation facilitates high quality cannabis cultivation and export

  • Completed 3 cultivation cycles of high THC (25%+) genetics to date

  • Production capability of 4 tons of cannabis flower and up to 150k bottles of extracts per year

  • Projecting ~€7.6 million  of sales revenue with combined cultivation and extraction activity plans in 2023

  • The company has a distribution hub in Germany, that possesses the needed licensing to distribute cannabis products directly to pharmacies

  • Cultivated cannabis flowers do not need irradiation, which allows buyers to quickly introduce and sell the product to the market avoiding the process of attaining the AMRAdV

  • Pending supply agreement for distributing product to the German market and further supply agreements in discussion

  • Looking for a strategic partner to provide equity financing to support the build out of a custom-designed 6,000 sq. m. cultivation and EU-GMP processing facility


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