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Quebec-based, premium quality, small batch, craft cultivator offers differentiated opportunity in Canada’s most untapped cannabis market

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Recreational Sales Amendment and CRA Licence


Seeking outright divestiture of the licence, leased property and “going concern” business for $1.85 million

  • Indoor, leased, purpose-designed, ~10,000 ft.² standard cultivation and processing facility in Quebec

  • Facility is fully built-out and comprised of multiple licensed areas for propagation, cultivation, drying/trimming, processing, shipping/receiving and more

  • Operating as a contract cultivator for some of Canada’s top premium craft cannabis brands

  • Revenue Generating from B2B Cannabis Sales

  • Premium Cannabis Genetics Library with first to market strains in reserve

  • Multiple high-THC, strong terpene-profile, premium craft cultivars tied to commercial supply agreements with multiple LPs

  • B2B sales agreements in place for 2023

  • Poised to enter the B2C market Q1 2023 with in house brand and direct Provincial sales

  • Well-refined cultivation, operations and compliance processes lead to consistently high-quality product

  • Strong Health Canada compliance and reporting record

  • Annual Flower Capacity: up to 600 kgs per year

  • Processing Capacity/Upside: up to 3000 kgs per year

  • Long term lease to 2034 and low monthly rental of ~$10,500 per month

  • $1,000,000 projected annual revenue for 2022 and forecasted ~$1.5 million annual revenue in 2023

  • 500K+ of equipment included in the sale price

  • Merger and acquisition competency and readiness to complete a transaction with an aligned buyer/ new owner/operator

  • Seeking outright divestiture of a revenue generating cannabis business, Health Canada licences and the lease of a purpose built Craft Cannabis facility


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