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Dynamic, purpose-built micro craft cultivator and processor in Alberta with ability to produce some of the highest quality craft cannabis in Canada

Licence(s) Held:

Micro Cultivation, Micro Processing, CRA Licence


Seeking outright divestiture of the licence, lease and going concern business for $2 million

  • Indoor, standalone, wholly-owned ~7,200 sq ft two-floor building sitting on a 10-acre site in Alberta

  • Main level houses all the cultivation and immediate post cultivation rooms including 10 grow rooms, nursery room, processing, clone propagation, seed popping and pheno hunting, drying room, secure storage

  • Second floor is a ~2500 sq ft licensed, newly built processing space approved for secure storage and processing

  • Both floors total ~10,000 ft.² of usable space overall. Includes ~1,500 sq ft of non-cannabis space includes office, lunch room, water storage, nutrient stations, storage etc.

  • Currently undertaking cultivation, hand-trimming and hang drying, bulk packaging, propagation, retail/medical packaging and pre-roll manufacturing

  • Facility comes with all equipment and inventory on site

  • Seller has multiple genetics in seed storage bank

  • There are existing supply agreements in place

  • Seller is releasing a few SKUs in March 2022 to AGLC

  • Business has lean operating costs

  • Projecting over $900k gross revenue for 2022 with solid sales growth potential

  • There is an option to sub-divide the 10-acre parcel, lease or purchase the land for outdoor grow

  • Open to full divestiture of the licence, lease and going concern business. 

  • Option to purchase the land and the customized facility for addiitional $2.5 million


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