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Purpose-designed, leased, turnkey, ~30k ft.² licensed processing facility near Toronto available as a package with going concern cannabis business and licences

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Sale for Medical Purposes, Recreational Sales Licence (all four categories) and CRA Licence


Seeking lessee

  • Leased, purpose-designed, standalone, ~30k ft.² licensed processing building near Toronto

  • Facility is comprised of multiple processing rooms, packaging room, secure storage vault, receiving/bulk storage rooms, shipping and receiving, server room, etc.

  • Currently undertaking PRJ, oils, extracts, edibles, vapes, flower rosen and cannabis packing at the site

  • Currently conducting medical, B-2-B, recreational/Provincial sales, B-2-B exports at the site

  • Facility comes with all equipment and CO2 extractor is negotiable

  • Facility has generated $20M+ per annum, with capacity of $50M+

  • Annual capacity of 5 million units of edibles, 3 million units of PRJ and 3 million units of vape carts

  • ~$11 million spent in capital expenditures (leasehold improvements) for the customized cannabis facility build-out

  • The site is equipped for partial conversion to cultivation at the buyer's discretion, and there is ample space for outdoor cultivation if desired

  • There is an opportunity to provide processing/packaging services under contract to the seller

  • There is an opportunity for existing operating staff to remain on site and expedite the ramp up for a new tenant

  • There is a potential option to purchase the fully built-out cannabis facility

  • Seeking a party to buy the licence and take over the lease


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