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Uniquely positioned, leading licensed tissue culture, nursery and genetics LP is seeking $6 million in growth capital

Licence(s) Held:

Nursery Licence; Analytical Testing Licence; Research & Development Licence (pending)


Seeking strategic equity partner to invest $6 million for continued growth

  • Recognized global leader in plant tissue culture and micropropagation, specializing in providing disease-free, true-to-type plantlets at commercial scale

  • Key breeder partnerships provide access to extensive portfolio of unique, high value, ready to commercialize, exclusive cultivars

  • An industry leader in pathogen testing, analysis, surveillance and regeneration; the company is strategically positioned for managing pathogen, virus and viroid threats across the cultivation continuum, from germplasm to live plants

  • The company operates out of a state-of-the-art, purpose-built tissue culture production and research facility, and a molecular and analytics lab, with a strong focus on the development of intellectual property related to cannabis tissue culture protocols, micropropagation automation, and full-scale production testing from meristem through to flower

  • The company is built on a diversified revenue platform including differentiated product offerings in plants and seeds, regeneration, genetic banking and analytical detection services

  • With 2022 revenues of $1M+, a diversified revenue platform, and increasing global sales agreements, the company is currently forecasting approximately $2.5M in revenues for 2023

  • The company has assembled a world-class science team with expertise navigating cannabis tissue culture, biochemistry, botany, genetic testing, virus assay development, and production under strict regulatory environments

  • Owner of unique intellectual property in plant tissue culture, molecular plant breeding, and DNA fingerprinting

  • Experienced domestic and international sales team with extensive expertise navigating the global cannabis markets; currently exporting plants to 5 countries

  • Operates a small California-based tissue culture lab and currently expanding nursery partnerships in the EU and South Africa

  • Great opportunity to access a proven global leader in cannabis tissue culture with industry-leading genetics and a global platform to fully support leading edge cannabis cultivation

  • The company is seeking strategic equity partner to further expand and diversify product programs internationally, target sales growth and commercialize molecular lab


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