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50k+ ft.² cultivation & processing facility with EU-GMP-designed post-harvesting area

Scalable, purpose-built cultivation & processing facility in SW Ontario available for full acquisition of the real estate or lease-takeover.

Listing ID:


Licence(s) Held:

Previously held Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Research (Sensory)


Optimal configuration is to sell the land, building and physical assets. Open to best offers.

Listing Details:

  • A wholly owned 50,000+ ft.² previously-licensed cannabis facility sitting on a 2 acre site in South-West Ontario

  • Phase 1 is 15,000 ft.² of built out space comprised of 2 x full-scale grow rooms, 2 x rooms for mothering, cloning and veg, 3 drying rooms, trimming room, packaging room, secure storage, edible production room, research area and shipping and receiving

  • Post harvesting and processing space was designed to meet EU-GMP standards

  • Phase 2 consists of 35,000 ft.² of space, sufficient to construct another 12 full scale grow rooms and additional processing space

  • Previously licenced and historically undertook indoor propagation, cultivation, post-harvest, packaging and B-2-B sales

  • 2-acre land is currently subject to a below market lease that can be assumed. Land is also available for outright purchase.

  • Facility comes with a range of physical assets and equipment

  • Seeking best offer to acquire the land, facility and physical assets


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