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Purpose-built, fully-owned ~90,000 sq ft, craft cultivation & processing facility with popular Quebec brand & multiple SKUs at SQDC, offers turnkey opportunity in the desirable Québec market. Montreal-area based & capable of $30+ million annual sales revenue.

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Recreational Sales Amendment (dried flower and pre-rolls), CRA Licence


~90,000 sq ft Quebec licenced cultivator and processor. 6,000 KGs+ annual production capability & craft cannabis brand!

  • Purpose-designed, fully built-out and wholly-owned indoor ~90,000 ft.² licensed facility offering a turnkey opportunity for premium craft flower production, processing/packaging and sales/distribution in Quebec

  • Includes a unique, top-selling Quebec-based brand with multiple SKU’s listed at the SQDC

  • Cultivation/post-harvest space totals almost 50,000 ft.², comprised of 27,000 ft.² flowering (14 rooms), 5,000 ft.² pre-veg (3-level), 5,600 ft.² veg (4 rooms),  3,000 ft.² mother, almost 5,000 ft.² drying, 800 ft.² curing, and 2,000 ft.² bucking/trimming space. 

  • Extensive, purpose-designed and equipped processing space including bulk packaging, sampling, automated finished packaging, labelling, pre-roll production, licensed work rooms, excising/master casing & palletizing, multiple security secure storage areas and more

  • Facility can handle 8,000 flowering plants at a time, and is able to generate 6,000+ KGs annual production

  • State-of-the-art systems and equipment including HVAC, irrigation/RO, Damatex environmental control system, CO2, security systems, automated packaging and labelling, and more

  • Newly installed 3000A electric transformer provides more than enough power for all activities at the site

  • Demand Plan for 2022 was set at $20+ million in revenue

  • Total invested in property, capital improvements and equipment over $20.7 million

  • Shareholders are seeking a full divestiture of the facility, cannabis licences and turnkey licensed cannabis business. All reasonable offers welcome.


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