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A fully automated, ~3.5 acre, Venlo, Dutch-style glass greenhouse designed for organic growing and configured for quality cannabis cultivation based within an hour of Vancouver, BC

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing


Seeking lessee to operate the greenhouse

  • State of the art, ~3.5 acre, Venlo glass greenhouse sitting on ~35 acres of land located within 20 mins of Vancouver, close to all the ports

  • Facility comprised of ~150k sq ft of growing space, processing space, open office area, lunch room and washroom/changeroom

  • Facility is fully fenced and has a previously-licensed outdoor cultivation area ready to be operationalized

  • The facility is fully automated with climate control and nutrient delivery systems, full irrigation systems, horticultural lighting systems, shading curtains, humidity systems, heating systems and cooling systems.

  • 10 grow rooms, each 126' x 82', drying rooms/processing space, and modern open office space, lunchroom, washroom/changeroom

  • Site currently non-operational but is fully-licensed and ready to start up again, having cultivated previously

  • Over $100k recently spent on service and property maintenance allowing expedient re-commissioning and operational ramp up

  • 2MW of power on site; ability to increase up to total 4 MW

  • $23 million spent building out and fitting out the 150,000 sq. ft. greenhouses (two- 75,000 sq. ft bays) with warehouse/processing space

  • About $1 million in equipment comes with the facility

  • Looking for a lessee to operate the greenhouse


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