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Licensed processor with proprietary formulations - focused on manufacturing premium, high-quality cannabis edibles and topical products - seeks equity partner to further commercialize additional premium products nationwide

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Processing and Recreational Sales Amendment (All Product Categories)


Seeking $750,000 investment for a stake in the company and potential strategic partnership. Equity priced at a discount of $0.15/share (pre-money valuation of $1.8MM)

  • Custom-designed, state-of-the-art, licensed processing facility manufacturing edibles and topicals

  • Currently fully operational, undertaking differentiated edible and topical product manufacturing, packaging and order fulfilment

  • Currently 17 products in the market and selling in 4 provinces (Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) with additional products in the development pipeline

  • Focused on continued retail penetration across these major provinces for continued revenue growth

  • Company has solid brand positioning, proprietary formulations demanded by consumers, and is exceeding expectations from provincial boards

  • Various product formats to appeal to a diverse range of clientele

  • Have products in three pricing tier solutions (ie. Premium , Mid-Market and Value) to support retail partners across various consumer demographics

  • Debt and covenant free

  • ~$1.5 million projected annual sales for 2023

  • Lean operating costs and significant revenue build-up potential

  • The site has room for further expansion with a potential to lease adjacent premises to further extend production

  • Seeking equity/JV partner to invest $750,000 in the company to support production ramp-up, and to further commercialize additional premium products nationwide


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